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Coronavirus Update
Coronavirus and Access Box Storage

At Access Box Storage we want to assure you that our priority is the health and safety of our customers, employees and partners. The Government has stated that storage and distribution facilities, like Access Box Storage can remain open.

Our customers rely on the continuity of our services and the security of their goods, and we are committed to continue providing service during our normal business hours. Due to the ever-changing Government guidelines and restrictions, and for health and safety reasons we may need to change our operating hours.

Our London storage facility remains open to new and existing box storage online orders and we will continue to do our utmost to serve our customers with the best standards possible throughout this period. 

What are you doing to protect customers and staff?

Rigorous cleaning and disinfection routines have been put into place in our stores and with our courier delivery drivers.

I need new or extra box storage. Is this available?

After placing your order, if you decide that you need more storage boxes delivered to your door, simply log in to your account and select how many more boxes you need.

Are you still open?

Yes, we are still open, but we may need to amend our operating hours for health and safety reasons. We remain open as many of our customers are part of the essential supply chain for the NHS and supermarkets. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Storage and Warehouse
Will you need to open my boxes?

The only reasons we would need to open your box are if we:

  • Suspected damage to your items, or other customers’ items
  • Suspected risk to our staff or premises
  • Suspected there was something stored that is prohibited
  • Suspected breach of our Terms and Conditions.

For further information, please see our Terms and Conditions

Can I have a list of items and boxes that I have stored with you?

Yes, we can provide you with a list of the unique reference numbers for your boxes. These references can be matched with the itemised list you created when packing each box. (See Packaging and Item Descriptions FAQ section). If you have not itemised the contents of each box, we will not be able to open and check the boxes content. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Where are my belongings stored?

Your belongings are kept safe and secure in our purpose-built London storage facility. The facility is monitored by 24/7 CCTV and secured by a fenced perimeter and fire detection systems.

How does your pricing work?

We charge a simple monthly fee of £5.50 per box and larger items are charged a little more. Pay upfront and store for 6 months to get a 10% discount, 9 months for a 15% discount and 12 months for a 20% discount off the standard monthly box storage price. 20% discount means you pay as little as £4.40 per box per month.

Your boxes are protected by our Safeguard Protection. If you require a higher level of Safeguard Protection the additional charge will be listed in your order.

Whilst the empty boxes we provide are free (current special offer), you can buy from us additional packaging materials like parcel tape and bubble wrap from us at the checkout.

Return deliveries of each box or larger item are charged at £5.50 per each. Discounts do not apply to return delivery charges. Other miscellaneous charges are detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

How will I pay for my storage?

We accept Visa and Mastercard provided they are registered to a UK address.

You can pay a monthly subscription charge for your storage or pay a one off discounted upfront payment for longer term storage e.g. 6, 9 or 12 months.

For monthly subscriptions we will take the first month’s payment upfront with future payments taken on the same date each month.

Longer term storage plans, paid upfront, receive the following discounts: 10% discount on 6 months storage paid upfront, 15% on 9 months storage and 20% on 12+ months storage. When your discounted storage term ends you can select another 6, 9 or 12-month plan or pay monthly.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions

If I want my boxes returned to me, how much will this cost?

The return charge is £5.50 per item (box or large item). Discounts do not apply to return delivery charges.

Please book your return dates by logging into your online account on the website.


What happens if I ask for my boxes to be returned halfway through a month?

If you need to retrieve your boxes or larger items halfway through a month you can do so. As monthly subscriptions are taken a month in advance you will still be charged the full months storage charge.

If you have paid upfront for a longer-term storage plan you will not receive a refund for the storage period paid. However, as you have paid for the space, you can replace returned boxes or larger items with new boxes or larger items. Collection charges will apply.


Do you offer refunds on packaging materials?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns of packaging materials, so we are unable to offer refunds on these items.

Are there any additional charges I should be aware of?

Additional charges are applied when standard guidelines and timings are not followed requiring Access Box Storage to amends its processes. Below are examples of additional charges applied. The full list can be read in our Terms and Conditions.

  • £25 will be charged to rearrange a new collection / delivery if you are not ready on time or the address is incorrect
  • £2.50 per box will be charged if you have not labelled each box with (Name, Order Number & Number of Pieces)
  • £5.00 per collected item will be added if the item exceeds 25kg in weight
  • £5.00 per stored item / month will be added if the item exceeds 25kg in weight
Who can benefit from box storage?

Box storage is the ideal solution for students, home movers who need somewhere to store their belongings in between housing and that don’t have the time or means to visit a storage facility to deliver or collect their belongings. For small businesses box storage can help you manage your inventory. Use our services to draw down on stock you store with us. You tell us what you need and when and we will deliver it straight to your shop.

For more information on how we help, please contact info@accessboxstorage.com or call 0203 866 4448.

Packing and Items Description
Do I need to label my boxes and items?

Yes. There is space on the top of the box to write your name, order number (e.g.3087) and box count (e.g. Box 1 of 4, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 etc.). Adding this information is essential if you require individual boxes to be returned.

In addition, you should itemise each box (e.g. Box 1 kitchen utensils, Box 2 college books, Box 3 summer clothing etc.) and store this information safely. If you want a single box returned early, this list will help you specify which box number you need returned.

For other / larger items you should label and securely tighten the baggage straps that have been provided by the courier when the empty boxes were delivered. On arrival at our storage facility we apply a barcode to each box. This barcode is linked to the box number you have written on it. When you want a box returned just tell us the order and box number.

What items cannot be stored?

We are unable to accept the following items:

  • Food or perishable goods
  • Birds, fish, animals or any other creatures
  • Combustible/flammable materials, gasses, liquids or compressed gasses
  • Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition
  • Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents
  • Toxic waste, asbestos or other potentially dangerous materials
  • Anything which could emit any fumes or smell
  • Any illegal Goods
  • “Specialist” items such as bullion, coin, stamps, bonds, securities, fine wines, precious stones, jewellery, antiques and fine art
  • Any actively powered electrical appliances or devices, or items containing batteries
  • Musical instruments, sports goods and equipment not packed into a suitable travel case
  • A full list of unacceptable items can be seen in our T&C’s

We are unable to offer Safeguard Protection on any fragile or electrical items that are accepted for storage. Please ensure that you have sufficiently packed these items before they are collected.

We may reject collection or apply a charge for any boxes that are not packed correctly, found to contain a prohibited item or are over 25kg in weight.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions

What’s the weight limit for my box?

25kg is the maximum box weight that our courier team can safely collect.

Do you sell packaging materials?

Yes, we sell a broad range of packing materials, including bubble wrap and tape. These can be bought during your online ordering process.

Can I store more than a box?

Yes, we store a range of larger items, many are already approved within our order process. Larger items not listed need pre-approval and must not weigh more than 25kg. During the online order process, you can check non pre-approved items with us.

Can I use my own boxes?

No, we cannot accept items packed in the customers own boxes. We provide free boxes (current special offer) that are delivered when you place an order with us. Larger items that cannot fit within our boxes need to be securely packed. For example, a guitar should be packed into a guitar case and surfboard into a travel bag. For more information on packing boxes or larger items please complete the contact form or e-mail info@accessboxstorage.com.

Safeguard Protection
Can I protect my items using Safeguard Protection?

Yes. We recommend covering your items for complete peace of mind. All boxes stored with us is covered for up to £100 per box, this is offered for free. If the value of your goods within the box exceeds £100 you should take out a higher level of Safeguard Protection.

Safeguard Protection charge / month

  • £100 Safeguard Protection – included free of charge per box
  • £150 Safeguard Protection – 50p per box per month
  • £250 Safeguard Protection – 90p per box per month

We don’t offer Safeguard Protection on the following items stored in a box:

  • Crockery, glassware, ornaments, TVs, printers, electronics etc.
  • Larger items not stored in a box.
  • Please ensure that you have sufficiently packed these items before they are collected
Can I take out different levels of Safeguard Protection on different boxes?

No, when you buy additional Safeguard Protection the amount bought is applied to all boxes that you store with us. Access Box Storage will give you £100 Safeguard Protection per box for but if your belongings are worth more than £100, you can increase the level of protection to £150 for as little as 50p per box a month. If you want even more protection, we also offer £250 Safeguard Protection for 90p per box a month.

Can I cancel my Safeguard Protection?

Yes, you can cancel your additional Safeguard Protection payment within 14 days of placing your order, or at any time before your specified collection date for a full refund.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions


Are my items protected from damage when stored with you?

Yes, we provide free protection for a content value of £100 per box. Items need to be securely packed to receive Safeguard Protection during transit and storage. Additional protection can be bought during your online booking.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions

How do I get my boxes returned to me?

To book the date your boxes are returned please login to your account and schedule your preferred date. Your boxes will be delivered to the ground floor. Please allow a minimum of five working days between date of request and delivery date.


How much notice do I need to give before requesting my boxes back?

Our standard cut-off is 3.00pm, 5 days before you would like your boxes delivered to you. That means you need to arrange a Wednesday delivery on Thursday, Friday delivery on Saturday/Sunday/Monday and a Tuesday delivery on Wednesday.

The easiest way to do this is by logging into your online account to notify us of your request.

However, if there is a problem, you can always contact us.

Will I be charged for a missed delivery?

Yes. If you are not at the delivery / collection address at the time agreed, we will be unable to pick-up / drop off your boxes and will need to arrange a new time. This new delivery / collection time will be charged at £25.

Can I request the return of just a single box or item?

Yes, can request the return of a single box or item. Please log into your online account, select the box / item to be returned and choose a date for the item to be returned. You can also contact through the contact form or e-mail info@accessboxstorage.com with your order number and the item you wish to be returned. We charge £5.50 for the return of each box / item.

Will the courier driver call me when they collect?

Yes, the courier driver will call you when they are 15 minutes away from the collection address. Please ensure you have provided your UK phone number so we can contact you.

Can I have my boxes delivered to a different address?

Yes, you can have your boxes delivered to a different address to the one we collected from as long as the address is within our box storage service area. The delivery address can be updated in your online account. If the new delivery address falls outside of our service area, contact us via the contact form or e-mail info@accessboxstorage.com. for a specific courier delivery quote.

Can change the details of my collection order?

Yes, you may change the details of your collection order up to 3 days before your collection is scheduled. If you have any questions about changing your collection order please complete the contact form or e-mail info@accessboxstorage.com

Do you collect on weekends?

We offer Saturday deliveries, collections or returns at any time between 09.00-17.00 these are charged at £45.

We do not offer Sunday or Bank Holiday deliveries, collections or returns.

What time will you deliver, collect or return my boxes?

Our weekday service delivers, collects or returns at any time between 09.00-17.00. We offer weekday morning slots between 08.00 – 09.00 and evening slots between 17.00 – 19.00 these are charged at £60.

We offer Saturday deliveries, collections or returns at any time between 09.00-17.00 these are charged at £45.

We do not offer Sunday or Bank Holiday deliveries, collections or returns.


Which geographical area does Access Box Storage cover?

Access Box Storage services most London postcodes. Enter your London postcode into our homepage to see if your area is covered.

Empty Boxes
How do I get my empty boxes?

When you place your storage order with us online, once payment has been made, we will deliver your empty boxes (current special offer) to you at the time you have specified. You can schedule your full box collection up to 2 weeks after we have delivered you your empty boxes

What size are the boxes you provide?

The boxes we provide to you free of charge (current offer) are 51cm x 41cm x 31cm. The maximum weight when packed must not exceed 25kg. 

If you need extra boxes, please contact us.

What if I don’t know how many empty boxes I will need to pack my stuff?

No problem. When you place your order request one or two extra boxes. When we collect simply hand back the boxes that you have not used. You will only be charged for the number of boxes or larger items that you have stored with us.

Will I need packing materials to pack my boxes?

Yes, you will need packaging materials to securely pack your items. We sell a broad range of packing materials, including bubble wrap and strong packing tape. These can be bought during your online ordering process.

Can I request different addresses for my empty box delivery and full box collection?

Yes, you can choose a different delivery address for your empty box delivery and your full box collection.